MHC Services Group: Providing Healthcare Payer Focused Professional Services.

Watch the video to gain insight into the crucial components to achieve best outcomes and continue to succeed in today’s marketplace.

In this video, MHC Services Group’s President and CEO Graham Higton provides insight into today’s challenges and what is needed for healthcare payers to be successful with business transformation and system modernization efforts.

Who Is MHC Services Group and What Value Do They Bring to Your Organization?

MHC Services Group is a trusted vendor-independent healthcare consulting services partner with specialized expertise in the healthcare payer industry providing business, operational, and technology focused solutions with experience serving Commercial, Marketplace Exchange, Medicaid, Medicare and Medicare Advantage programs.

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"The MHC team brought tremendous discipline, commitment, and acceleration to a project that was failing. They find a way to be collaborative yet assertive, fast yet thoughtful, and extremely competent yet humble. They are our go-to payer operations/technology partner.”

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