Solutions and Services You Need

Delivering exceptional client outcomes and experiences are top of mind. We work with each client to understand their unique problems and to define the appropriate solutions to meet their desired outcomes, goals and objectives. We use a best-fit approach for every client offering a full range of professional services to ensure all aspects of the solution are resourced appropriately.

Tailored and Experienced Healthcare Payer Solutions

Our healthcare payer consulting firm offers customized and experienced solutions to help payers navigate the complex healthcare industry. With a deep understanding of the regulatory and technological challenges facing payers, we provide tailored guidance and support to optimize operations, improve financial performance, enhance member care, and drive measurable results.

Business and Operational Services

MHC works with our clients to understand their specific needs and align our professional services teams to support their culture, unique technical and business requirements to ensure cross-team collaboration that is focused on a clear and achievable set of deliverables and timelines supporting optimal outcomes and experiences.

Implementation Services

MHC provides comprehensive healthcare payer software implementation services and support for successful transformation. Our services cover core administrative processing systems, care management, portals, data warehouse, and other ancillary systems. We offer executive governance, program management, analytics, process improvement, configuration, testing, and training services.

Technical Support Services

MHC provides design, layout, deployment, fabrication, and integration of interactive technologies into both new and pre-existing environments. We provide a proven, practical approach that yields quality and excellence for our clients to maximize their ROI based on process-oriented frameworks, enabling operational business transformations to ensure qualitative deliverables and improved efficiency.

System Run Out Services

MHC’s System Run Out Services differ from many other types of service delivery solutions, in that it provides a comprehensive set of proven, targeted services to bridge gaps with support from a team of experts to enhance your current team during the transition from your legacy systems to new systems.

Healthcare Payer Consulting Firm Committed to Your Success

Our healthcare payer consulting firm is dedicated to helping payers achieve success in today's complex healthcare industry. With a team of experienced professionals, we offer tailored guidance and support to optimize operations, improve financial performance, and enhance patient care.

Comprehensive Business and Technology Solutions

We provide comprehensive business and technology solutions to support healthcare payers in transforming their business, enhancing operational efficiency, and improving patient outcomes.

Collaborative Approach to Consulting

Our team of experts works collaboratively with each client to develop customized project strategies that align with their unique culture and goals, ensuring project success and delivering measurable results.

Deep Knowledge of Regulatory and Technological Challenges

With a deep understanding of the regulatory and technological challenges facing healthcare payers, we provide innovative solutions and insights to help our clients stay ahead in the rapidly evolving healthcare market.