February 21

CureIS and MHC Services Group Announce Partnership


CureIS and MHC Services Group Announce Partnership

Woodbury, MN (February 21, 2024) – CureIS Healthcare, Inc. and MHC Services Group today announced their partnership providing a dynamic team of problem-solvers who take accountability to the next level in their mission to deliver clean, quality healthcare data to health plans and other at-risk entities. This collaboration of professional services and intelligent technology optimizes the ability to automate data consumption from diverse reference sources and to apply best practices to the automation of business decisions and adjudication processes while improving analytic and reporting abilities. In addition, elevated insights into operations and actionable information results in minimizing administrative costs and ensuring maximum reimbursement rates.

Health plans and other risk-bearing entities are subject to ever-evolving regulatory and industry mandates governing their operational processes and outcomes. The ability to safeguard data, enhance member and provider experiences, ensure system and data integrity, and provide accurate and timely reporting to governing entities is crucial. Failure to do so can lead to low operational efficiency, penalties, sanctions, and unhappy clients, members, and providers. CureIS and MHC work closely with clients to develop comprehensive requirements and integration points for claims processing and ancillary systems, ensuring operational efficiencies and visibility to data to achieve, monitor, and maintain regulatory compliance and optimize operational efficiencies.

“We are excited about our partnership with MHC and the powerful solutions we collectively bring to the industry. This partnership is a powerful collaboration of healthcare operational and technology experts who take accountability to the next level in our mission to improve healthcare operations and health outcomes” said Chris Sowatin, CureIS, CEO.

"CureIS is known for their deep experience and passion to improve healthcare operations with innovative technology solutions. We are thrilled to work closely with the CureIS team and align our professional service specialties with CureIS’s technology experts to provide innovative and affordable solutions to our clients” said Graham Higton, MHC Services Group, President.

CureIS and MHC are healthcare industry experts driven to improve healthcare operations with analytical and interpretative services combined with healthcare-focused automation technology that consumes, analyzes, and improves data, in any format, from any source.

About CureIS Healthcare, Inc.

CureIS Healthcare is a managed services provider of innovative solutions that support the entire Government Programs Managed Care Data Ecosystem. We are dedicated to developing and implementing technology to tackle the challenges of an ever-changing market. Our goal is to deliver streamlined, scalable solutions and measurable ROI for our clients. We are not just a healthcare IT company; we are a dynamic team of problem-solvers who take accountability to the next level in our mission to deliver clean, quality healthcare data. We know claims management challenges well and offer comprehensive tools to address them, working nimbly, with no hidden costs, to transform problems into payments.

About MHC Services Group

MHC Services Group is a proven professional services consulting group with specialized expertise and focus on healthcare payers, risk-bearing entities with commercial and government programs. MHC provides all levels of professional services for business process and data analysis, system integration, program, and system implementation as well as other unique and complex projects. MHC is comprised of deeply experienced, adaptable, and tenured professionals ensuring the best resource and approach alignment to optimize the success of its clients’ operational and technical objectives.

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