Systems Integrator (SI)

A system integrator harnesses all the information available from the various information sources into one complete picture and manages the implementation and client partners along with providing the oversight to ensure project success. MHC Services Group (MHC) specializes in bringing together what and who are needed to ensure a successful integrated enterprise solution or parts of the solution to meet each client's unique needs.

As impartial experts, MHC helps evade the common workplace politics and hierarchies that threaten to limit crucial information flow. You can count on MHC to deliver honest feedback and provide sensible recommendations to move your company forward.

When preparing to undergo a complex or widespread implementation of a core claims system, you need a comprehensive and experienced professional service team to support your business and technical teams ensuring all team members are working on time and within budget toward one common goal.

Of course, you can go straight to the core claims vendor and purchase services, but you must consider if the vendor has the resources and expertise to integrate all the components of your complex IT infrastructure in today’s competitive marketplace. MHC will partner with you and your vendor partners to ensure achievable.

Why MHC as your System Integrator?

  • MHC Simplifies Complex Healthcare Payer and Provider Projects
  • MHC Provides Expertise Outside of the Core Claims System Realm
  • MHC has the management expertise and systems integration knowledge to get the job done, regardless of the specific product or line of business.
  • In addition, MHC stays up to date on recent industry and technology regulations, products and methodologies needed to support the Healthcare Payer industry.
  • MHC quickens the learning curve which can prove invaluable during the training phase. Employees are already bogged down with their day-to-day work deadlines, and they do not have time to test a new system or navigate workarounds to common issues.
  • MHC will provide training materials for navigating the new fully integrated environment and customize materials to ensure they suit your unique business processes. When you have MHC working to equip your employees, this frees up your internal team from shouldering the full burden of system design, implementation, testing and training.
  • Business transformation often involves a complete overhaul of processes and technology. However, various components and subsystems may remain in place amid the adjustments. MHC will help ensure that your investment fits seamlessly with your existing systems. This approach can save your company money and help you expand functionality- simultaneously.
  • MHC helps piece together the data, architecture, and other components needed, based on the limitations of your current systems.

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