February 14

MHC Services Group Appoints John Godzina to Executive Vice President of Business Services and CIO


Las Vegas, NV (Feb 14, 2023) – MHC Services Group (MHC), a proven healthcare payer focused consulting and professional services partner, announced today that John Godzina has been appointed Executive Vice President of Business Services and Chief Information Officer.

Godzina brings more than 25 years of leadership experience in the healthcare payer and managed care industry to MHC Services Group. Godzina’s role includes close collaboration and strategic planning with MHC clients’ business, operational and technical executive level leadership. Godzina brings significant hands-on experience and knowledge that helps ensure the appropriate direction, solutions, and services are in alignment with the goals and objectives of MHC’s clients and partners.

“We are excited to have John Godzina join our organization,” said Graham Higton, President, and CEO of MHC Services Group. “John’s years of extensive leadership experience and his unparalleled ability to problem solve is already playing a significant role in leading our clients’ operational and technical strategies to achieve their business goals and evolve with industry demands.”

Prior to MHC Services Group, Godzina served an array of healthcare entities including medical payers, managed services organizations, independent physician associations, and ancillary benefit organizations. Godzina has served in executive leadership capacities at some of the nation’s largest healthcare companies.

“MHC Services Group has an important role in the healthcare market today by guiding healthcare payers with their business, operational, and technical needs”, said Godzina.  “I am excited to be working with MHC and the healthcare payer community to provide guidance and support as our payer clients elevate their technical and business capabilities as well as their ability to meet new demands as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.”

Godzina earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from Eastern Michigan University.

About MHC Services Group

MHC Services Group is a proven vendor-independent, professional services consulting group with specialized expertise and focus on healthcare payers and their complex challenges. MHC has earned a reputation of competence and trust in the industry.  MHC provides all levels of professional services for system integration, program and system implementation as well as other unique and complex projects. MHC serves commercial, marketplace exchange, Medicaid, Medi-Cal, Medicare, Medicare Advantage, SNP, DSNP, and Dual Eligible programs.  MHC is comprised of experienced, adaptable, and tenured professionals ensuring the best resource and approach alignment to optimize the success of its clients’ operational and technical objectives.

PR Contact:

Carol Brown



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