September 28

Three Important Questions Healthcare Payers Should Consider When Planning A Core Administration System Implementation


Payers must be diligent to stay ahead of the curve and ensure readiness for the unique challenges they continue to face.

  • Does your organization have the breadth of staff with the knowledge and experience to support a successful core administration system implementation?
  • Can your organization afford to utilize key staff that maintains business as usual while having competing priorities with the intricate attention needed to support a system implementation?
  • Is your organization partnered with a specialized healthcare implementation consulting group to provide strategic guidance and the day-to-day cross-functional services needed for a successful implementation?

In an ever-changing environment, payers must be diligent to stay ahead of the curve and ensure readiness for the unique challenges they continue to face. Regulatory, cultural, and market needs are in a constant state of evolution that requires payer organizations to be persistent with seeking improved efficiencies and modern software solutions supporting changes that impact benefit design, provider contracting and expanded value-based payment models, network optimization, member engagement, health equities, and overall improved health outcomes, all while reducing costs.

MHC Services Group understands first-hand the challenges healthcare payers face when changing core administration systems and integrating surrounding technologies. 

Healthcare payers must align their workforces appropriately to manage their day-to-day business operations and support new system implementations. One of the most significant risk factors for a system implementation is not having experienced staff alignment in place with focus and prioritization across the entire scope of the implementation. It has been proven repeatedly to be one of the biggest detriments to a system implementation project. It is in no way optimal to utilize key day-to-day operational staff from the organization as the prominent system implementers. The expected competing priorities to ensure a smooth-running business almost always negatively impacts the timeline, budget, and overall success of an implementation project. Therefore, it is extremely important to seek seasoned implementation professionals to provide 100% focus on the day-to-day intricacies across the entire scope of the implementation project.

MHC Services is deeply experienced with and specializes in core administration system implementations serving Payers across the country with the leadership, experienced people, and best practices needed to ensure appropriate staff alignment in support of an on-time, within budget, successful implementation. 

MHC Services Group Provides Payers With:

  • A trusted partner with specialized expertise the healthcare industry and core administration system implementation and integration
  • Over two decades of Healthcare Payer technology and solutions implementation and integration experience
  • End to end implementation management and execution services
  • An agile and flexible partner focused on the unique needs of each client
  • Proven reliability and adherence to key objectives and deadlines
  • Proven approaches that yield quality and excellence and adjusts to evolving trends

End to End Implementation Management and Execution Services Include:

  • Governance Planning
  • Systems Integration Management
  • Program Management
  • Business Project Management
  • Technical Project Management
  • Integration and Reporting Analysts
  • EDI Analyst
  • Product Optimization Analysts
  • Business Transformation Analysts
  • Configuration Analysts
  • Conversion Analysts
  • Business Analysts
  • Technical Analysts
  • Testing Management
  • System Testers
  • System Trainers
  • BI Development
  • SQL Development
  • Enterprise Architecture Development
  • Database Development
  • Staff Augmentation

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